What Is The Best Selling Scentsy Scent?

What is your favorite Scentsy Scent?

Blueberry Cheesecake.

My favorite scent is Berry Bubble Blue but it has been discontinued so I would recommend Mochadoodle..

Is Scentsy wax safe to breathe?

Is Scentsy safe to breathe? Yes, you can breathe in Scentsy products. They are completely non-toxic. However, Scentsy products are not to be ingested.

What does Blue Grotto scentsy smell like?

Run away with fresh tropical notes, sweet citrus and lush botanicals.

How often should you change Scentsy wax?

Around every 4-6 daysAround every 4-6 days. Also, how do you know when to change wax melts? We recommend swapping out wax melts whenever you can no longer smell the fragrance when the warmer is ‘on’. For some cheaper wax melts, this can be as often as every 5-8 hours of burn time.

Why is scentsy bad?

Scentsy Bars In researching Scentsy’s bar wax, their website says “Scentsy bar wax fragrance contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate (DEP)…” Even at very low levels, DEP is a known danger to human development and reproduction, can cause allergies, immunotoxicity and is a known endocrine disruptor.

Is Scentsy a ripoff?

Technically no. Scentsy is not a scam. They produce legit products and pay their consultants for selling products like they say they will. However, just because it’s legit (technically) it doesn’t mean it’s the best opportunity for you to make money from home.

Why is scentsy so expensive?

Yes, Scentsy is more expensive than the waxes you would find at the store. But our waxes last longer and the quality is ten-fold. Scentsy has many ways to save too, we have bundle and save deals, and if you hosted a party you could get Scentsy for free!

Best SellersMaple Apple Bourbon Scent Circle. $3.00.Maple Apple Bourbon Scentsy Bar. $6.00 $5.40.Out of stock. Mystery Man Body Cream. $13.00 Out of stock.Out of stock. Mystery Man Body Wash. $9.00 Out of stock.Mystery Man Car Bar Clip. $9.00.Mystery Man Hand Cream. $9.00.Mystery Man Hand Soap. $6.00.Mystery Man Lotion. $11.00.More items…

What are the best Scentsy products?

TOP SELLING SCENTSY WARMERS AND PRODUCTS SEPTEMBER 2017Apple and Cinnamon Sticks Scentsy Bar. $6.00. … Autumn Sunset Scentsy Bar. $6.00. … Cider Mill Scentsy Bar. $6.00. … Farmstand Pumpkin Scentsy Bar. $6.00. … FARMSTAND PUMPKIN SCENTSY HAND SOAP. … GINGERBREAD DONUT SCENTSY BAR. … Homestead Holiday Scentsy Bar. … Hug in a Mug Scentsy Bar.More items…•

What does Hemingway scentsy smell like?

Hemingway Scent – Rich, ripe apples and warm, woody accents of sandalwood and cedar with hints of spice.

What is the #1 best selling Scentsy bar of all time?

Bonfire Beach Scentsy Bar# 1: Bonfire Beach Scentsy Bar It is a top-selling Scentsy product, and rightfully so.