What Does Zingy Mean?

What is a five letter word for did nothing?

Did nothing (5) IDLED..

What is another word for zingy?

Similar words for zingy: cheerful (adjective) effervescent (adjective) exuberant (adjective) merry (adjective)

What does zesty mean?

full of zestadjective, zest·i·er, zest·i·est. full of zest; piquant: a zesty salad dressing. energetic; active: zesty trading in growth stocks.

What does Decresendo mean?

gradually reducing force or loudness; diminuendo (opposed to crescendo).

What does crescendo mean *?

gradually increasing in volumecrescendo ((music) gradually increasing in volume) • CRESCENDO (adjective) Meaning: (music) gradually increasing in volume.

What is another word for piquant or zingy?

What is another word for piquant?pungentspicyhighly-seasonedpertpoignantsavoryUSstingingstrongzingyacerb192 more rows