What Are The Two Main Types Of Vertical Market Portals?

What is horizontal portals and vertical portals?

Vertical Portal: These are web portals which focus only on one specific industry, domain or vertical.

Horizontal Portal: These are web portals which focus on a wide array of interests and topics.

They focus on general audience and try to present something for everybody..

What three characteristics define a portal site today?

Three characteristics that define a portal site today are web sites that contain in-depth information and they seek to be a sticky destination. 8. List and briefly explain the main revenue sources for the portal business model.

What are the types of portals?

Types of portals:Vertical Portal.Horizontal Portal.Marketplace portals.Search portals.Media Portals.Access Portal.Geographical Portals.

What are horizontal portals?

A horizontal portal is used as a platform to several companies in the same economic sector or to the same type of manufacturers or distributors. A vertical portal (also known as a “vortal”) is a specialized entry point to a specific market or industry niche, subject area, or interest.

What are the different types of portals available in Salesforce?

There are 3 types of Salesforce.com Portals:Customer Portal.Partner Portal.Self Service Portal.

Which of the following is not considered to be one of the three phases of e commerce?

Solution(By Examveda Team) Preservation is not considered to be one of the three phases of e-commerce. The act of keeping something the same or of preventing it from being damaged is basically preservation.

What is a vertical portal?

Vertical-portal definitions A website that provides news, articles and services about a particular industry such as IT, finance and retail. It is the industry-specific equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web. Also called a “vortal.” See portal, corporate portal, business intelligence portal and Web hub. 0.

What are the four defining elements of a social network?

What are the four defining elements of a social network—online or offline? Social networks involve (a) a group of people, (b) shared social interaction, (c) common ties among members, and (d) people who share an area for some period of time (Hillery, 1955). This will be our working definition of a social network.

Whats is Portal?

In a nutshell, Portal is a video calling hub with built-in Alexa smart assistant that requires a Facebook account to work. You can call any other Facebook member in your friends list (via Facebook Messenger), with your call appearing on their phone, tablet, or – if they have one, too – their Portal device.

What is the difference between a portal and a website?

Websites are for driving traffic, whereas web portals are for limiting traffic to a specific group of users. Most web portals require a user to log in, which allows the site to deliver more specific content and services based on who that user is. … Portals can have anonymous public pages, as well as personalized access.

What do you mean by Web portal?

A portal is a web-based platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents users with the most relevant information for their context. Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives.

Which is a function of e commerce?

Conducting business online. Selling goods, in the traditional sense, is possible to do electronically because of certain software programs that run the main functions of an e-commerce Web site, including product display, online ordering, and inventory management.

What do social networks auctions and portals have in common?

What do social networks, auctions, and portals have in common? Social networks, auctions, and portals are all based on feelings of shared interest and self-identification—in short, a sense of community.

What are three mobile social networks?

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most widely used social platformsFacebook, a social networking platform founded in 2004. … WhatsApp, a messaging platform launched in 2009. … Twitter, a social networking and microblogging platform founded in 2006. … Viber, a messaging and voice over platform founded in 2010.More items…•

Why are mobile social networks growing so fast?

Why are mobile social networks growing so fast? The reason mobile social networks are growing fast because of their “focuses on messaging, either sending of text or photos.” These sites let users send text, photos, and videos using cellphones and sometimes to other cellphones using the Internet.

What are the two main types of vertical market portals and how are they distinguished from one another?

The two main types of vertical market portals are affinity group portals and focused content portals. Affinity group portals seek to attract statistical aggregates of people who identify themselves by their attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior.

What is an example for vertical portal?

Vertical. These portals focus on a particular industry, such as construction. RatedPeople.com is one example of a vertical portal.

What is an example of portal?

The definition of a portal is a gateway or entry to something else. An example of a portal is a door into a room. An example of a portal is a website that takes you to many other websites.